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1 April 2019

Yo Sushi - Manchester

Yo Sushi - Manchester |

I've not had Yo Sushi in the longest time ever so I was absolutely over the moon when a friend suggested we eat there. 

Yo Sushi - Manchester |
I hands down love sushi but Prawn Katsu Curry is my absolute favourite, it's a real comfort food. As above, the dish comes with rice, panko crumb prawns on top, with curry sauce & topped with some veggies!

Not picutred, but before ordering the curry I ate cucumber and avocado maki rolls - these were off of the conveyor belt. They were really light and refreshing & ate them dipped in soy sauce and a  t i n y  bit of wasabi because I'm a wimp! 

Then for dessert (also not pictured because I would've spent more time taking pics than eating!) I ate the custard centred pancakes which come with a raspberry syrup. These pancakes are to die for, like this it's not an exaggeration. They're so light, fluffy & the custard centre makes them so more-ish... I literally wanted a giant bowl of them.

I love Yo Sushi because it's delicious and a really fun/quirky(?) place to eat out at. I think it's great that you can get your 'traditional' sushi as well as the Yo Sushi take on sushi which includes things like fried chicken and popcorn shrimp. Also, sorry for the blue specks in my photos - Yo Sushi have some funky disco lighting thing going on!

Yo Sushi - Manchester |
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