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22 April 2019

The £1.99 Lip Kit From TK Maxx!

The £1.99 Lip Kit From TK Maxx! |
So I'm not entirely sure who Nicole Miller is but I saw her 'perfect match lip kit' sitting in TK Maxx and it was looking all cute so I decided to buy it... The main reason I bought it is because it was freakin' £1.99 - is it actually any good?! Will it make my lips go green? Will it be an absolute waste of £1.99?! 

I literally had so many questions, the shade looked really cute too.

The £1.99 Lip Kit From TK Maxx! |

The packaging is simple and cute, total shopaholic vibes. Inside is a really pretty pink liquid lipstick. The formula has a matte finish, it's not at all drying on the lips but it isn't hydrating either.. it has no interest in nourishing the lips? It applies really easily with the doe foot wand inside the tube. The formula is a bit on the sheer side, so you need around 2 coats of the liquid lippie on your lips to get an opaque finish. When it dries, it still feels a little tacky on the lips, this isn't that great because it ends up all over your glass when you take a sip.

The £1.99 Lip Kit From TK Maxx! |
L-R : liquid lipstick, lip liner

I LOVE the lip liner that came with this, its a beautiful pink shade, slightly darker than the liquid lipstick. It's really smooth and creamy, glides on the lips without any dragging. I've literally been using this with my MAC velvet teddy lipstick as well, they go great together.

Over all, for £1.99 it's not a bad lip kit, the formula of the lipstick could be better as it still feels tacky after drying. But, again I didn't pay like £20 for is so I ain't really mad about it at all!

The £1.99 Lip Kit From TK Maxx! |
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