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15 April 2019

DIY Gel Nails

DIY Gel Nails |

I have a love-hate relationship with painting my nails. I love a fresh manicure but hate having to wait for each coat to dry and THEN still ending up with smudged nails some how anyway *impatient much* But on a serious note, even with a decent top coat my regular polish still gets chipped through daily wear.

That's when I started to look into those gel nail kits but for what they are, I thought they were pretty pricey and the gel colour ranges were quite limited with some brands. SO I did a little research and placed an Amazon Prime order. 
Below is a list of the items I purchased from Amazon and their links & other things like the nail file/buffer, cuticle oil etc are things I already owned and didn't have to purchase. Altogether I spent around £35 on the things below & you can spend around £25 getting a basic gel overly on your nails at a nail shop.

DIY Gel Nails |

- LED UV lamp (link)
- Cuticle pusher (link)
- Gel polishes - included base & top coat (link)
- Rubbing alcohol (link)
- Acetone remover (link)

Preparation is really important so make sure you cut and file your nails to your desired length and shape. Push back any cuticles and buff the surface of the nail. Then put a few drops of rubbing alcohol on kitchen paper and wipe down each nail.
Then apply a thin layer of the base coat on your nails & cure it under the LED lamp for 30 seconds. The lamp which I use has a timer on it which is really handy and takes away any guess work. If it feels tacky once I've cured it under the lamp, I'll wipe each nail using some rubbing alcohol on kitchen paper. 

I then apply a thin layer of which ever gel colour I fancy, this is then cured under the lamp for 60 seconds. Once I've applied and cured my 1st coat, I wipe each nail with rubbing alcohol again. I usually apply 2-3 coats, curing under the lamp after each coat.  It's really important apply thin layers and build up to your desired strength of colour, if you apply too thick it doesn't cure properly and you end up with a gloopy mess!

Finally, I apply the top coat and cure that under the lamp for 60 seconds and et voila, a DIY gel mani!

DIY Gel Nails |

If my hands are feeling dry, I like to go in with some hand lotion & a little bit of oil or cuticle oil around each nail.

Removing is really easy, I cut my nails then file the top coat off of each nail. Then I place a cotton ball soaked in the Elegant Touch acetone remover on each nail, you can use foil or tape to keep them in place. The gel mani then starts turning into a gloopy gel and you just rub/peel it off really easily. If it's not coming off easily then try soaking it again as peeling it off when it's still bonded to your nail can cause damage to your nail. 

One mani using the above products lasts around 2 weeks for me and stays looking shiny. I'm thinking of experimenting with some loose glitter when I next do my nails!
*not PR*