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3 February 2019

Monthly Favourites - January 2019

Monthly Favourites - January 2019 |

Can't believe its February already!!  One of my goals this year is to be more active on various platforms and give my blog a little tlc so, this is officially my first post in 2019. One of many to come, hopefully. 

January has been all about 'shopping the stash' and I have honestly quite enjoyed it. Firstly, my bank balance has thanked me for it and secondly, I've rediscovered products I used to love but then kind of just forgot about for some reason.

Monthly Favourites - January 2019 |

1) Zara, Orchid Intense Perfume - link :

This perfume smells SO lush, it's has a strong floral & sweet scent. This is one of those perfumes that smells a lot more expensive than it was. If you're a fan of the good old Gucci II perfume then I'm pretty sure you'll love this one for £12.99!

2) Mario Badescu, facial spray - link :

I remember buying this a few months back when facial sprays were the 'thing'. I really like the green one by Mario Badescu as it smells really fresh & it contains aloe, cucumber, green tea - these are all supposed to help hydrate and sooth the skin. I originally bought this as a setting spray (why?!) but I felt it was way too wet to set my makeup which is why I ditched the bottle. But this January, I kept this little bad boy next to my bathroom sink - after cleansing and drying my face, I like to spritz this just to give my face that extra bit of hydration before applying a light moisturiser and then makeup. Basically it's help things look a lot more smoother and my skin hasn't been as patchy as it usually is around my nose and forehead.

3) Painting my nails! 

I used to religiously have a set of acrylic nails done every few weeks and my natural nails were absolutely wrecked from all the glues, chemicals and filing. Everyone told me to take breaks in between sets but confession time... I got pretty addicted to acrylics and the constant fresh/shiny nails look. I was actually really embarrassed by the state of my natural nails. It's taken a good few months and a whole lot of tlc to my nails and cuticles. My natural nails are so much stronger and healthier. I now actually enjoy painting my nails! Livinggg for the little Essie sets at TK Maxx & New Look has really surprised me with their nail range.

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