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11 November 2018

My Fave Etsy Shops

My Fave Etsy Shops |
I am SO obsessed with Etsy. It's usually the first place I'll go when I'm looking to treat myself, or a gift for someone that's a little more unique than what's on the high street. 

I absolutely love quotes and books. The Literary Emporium create t-shirts, prints, pins etc inspired by classic literature. I've purchased a few things from the Literary Emporium as gifts in the past. I absolutely love their prints,  they're printed on really good quality card stock and look amazing in a little frame. I've also got my eye on the votes for women pins!

Lately I've really been into planning and getting organised. Blossom Nose Co & Crafty Rat Designs sell absolutely every sticker you could possibly need for your planner. I have OCD when it comes to my planner and it just stressed me out trying to maintain the same colour scheme, so having stickers makes things a lot easier. I even bought cute unicorns woking out (for days when I'm going to the gym/exercise classes).

Lastly, I have been absolutely obsessed with candles. Vegan Bunny Co sells handmade soy candles which are scented with natural essential oils. Candles make easy presents, I love buying candles as a little treat too, the tobacco & vanilla by Vegan Bunny smells insanely good. I particularly like the Vegan Bunny brand as the entire candle is recyclable and biodegradable.

My Fave Etsy Shops |