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8 May 2018

Monthly Favourites - April 2018

Monthly Favourites - April 2018 |
I've been so lazy with my blog lately. I mean, I can't even remember the last time I sat down and wrote a favourites post. I dread the thought of going through my archive and checking!


// Makeup Revolution Setting Spray // 

For a fiver this is an absolute steal. This is the only fixing spray I've ever used so I can't compare it to the likes of Urban Decay. I do have an oily T-zone & this keeps my forehead matte but not my nose! None the less(there's no hope for my nose) the MR setting spray has been great especially when it's warm one minute then raining the next.

// Zoella Blissful Mistful //

I am absolutely in love with Zoella's blissful mistful fragrance at the moment. The scent is really light and fresh, also quite floral and a little fruity. I got this in a mini mists gift set around Christmas time & also posted about them here. Because it's such a tiny bottle it's perfect fit in my bag.

// Tangle Teezer Compact //

I needed a travel sized hair brush and spied the gold Tangle Teezer compact over at my local boots. I like that it has a cover over the bristles so they don't get damaged.. it's also useful for stashing a few hair grips too. This is the perfect size for my bag or suitcase & the gold mirror effect really stands out!

Monthly Favourites - April 2018 |


// Nivea Self Heating Mask //

I received a gift from Nivea which contained their new Urban Skincare range. I've been using the 1 minute detox mask *almost* every night. I like that it's so quick to use. At first I found the self-heating aspect really strange but I've got used to it and my skin is left feeling so fresh.

// Nivea Urban Day Cream //

This also came along with the gift From Nivea. This is a bit of a gel/cream hybrid. I've been using it as a moisturiser as well as a primer; It's really hydrating and makes a really good base for my foundation if I let the cream/gel 'soak in' before applying foundation.


// Chocolate //

I still have chocolate left over from Easter. I wasn't really that into the traditional Easter eggs/bunnies but the Kinder Joy 'eggs' are SO moreish. Hershey's cookies & creme also sits at the top of my 'most fave chocolates ever' list. American's don't know how lucky they are having Hershey's chocolate so freely available #FirstWorldProblems..