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21 October 2017

Skin79 Fresh Garden Sheet Mask - Red Ginseng

Skin79 Fresh Garden Sheet Mask - Red Ginseng |
Skin79 is a Korean brand skin care and cosmetics brand. I'd never heard of the brand until a friend gave me the red ginseng sheet mask to try out. Upon Googling, I found that you can find Skin79 stuff absolutely everywhere online, this is great because it means I can easily re-purchase or try other products by SKIN79 and safely know that I won't have to pay a load of $$$ on customs and shipping.

I applied the mask as per instructions on the back of the pack which was to cleanse and tone the skin prior to using the mask. I forgot to take face mask selfies! 😫 But the mask it self looks like your typical sheet mask aka a serial killer hockey mask.

The sheet mask is made of pure cotton and the mask claims to leave your skin feeling revitalised. The sheet mask contains red ginseng so it does smell like red ginseng! It's quite an earthy smell, closest things I can think of is wood and ginger. 🌲 Ginseng is a tree root which is really good for your skin. It's supposed to tone and brighten skin as well as have anti-aging effects.

The info on the back of the mask advises to keep it on for 10-20 minutes, so I took it off after 15 minutes. I then massaged any remaining essence off of the mask that was still on my face into my skin.

Afterwards I found my skin felt and looked a lot more hydrated. I did have some redness on my face after using the mask but that's quite normal for me and the redness tends to disappear after about 20 minutes. My skin didn't feel initiated. I think the mask definitely brightened my skin and made look all fresh and dewy. I didn't notice any toning or anti-aging effects- I didn't expect to see those as I only used the mask for 15 minutes. I can imagine those would be long term effects you'd notice with continual use.

Skin79 Fresh Garden Sheet Mask - Red Ginseng |