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8 April 2017

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Makeup Brush Cleaning Tips & Tricks |
Confession time! I am terrible at keeping up with the cleaning of my makeup brushes. I just feel like it's such a chore because it takes SO long. But brush cleaning is also really important as using dirty brushes can affect the application of your make up and also spread germs which could result in a whole load of nasties from spots to eye infections! Below are some of my lazy girl tips, let me know if you've tried any of them or if you have any of your own tips!

Brush Cleaning Spray -

This is my go to method to clean brushes in between proper brush cleanses. I've filled a spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol has antiseptic properties so it's great to kill any germs on those make up brushes. I give my brush a few sprays, swirl it around on a paper towel to remove any product/build up, give it a few seconds to dry & it's good to go! This is just a really quick and easy way to kill the germs. If you've got a little more time on your hands, you can actually soak your brush in the alcohol and then let it dry for about 5 minutes. This gives it a good thorough clean.

Colour switch -

I've seen those fancy sponges in tins which basically remove any product off of your eye brushes and allow you to use the same brush again with out compromising the next shade. They're a great idea but baby wipes or makeup wipes work just as well and your bank account will probably thank you too! When I'm ready to switch eye shadow colours but want to use the same brush, I just swirl that brush onto a wipe until it comes out clean and no colour is coming off & you're good to go, simples!

Brush Egg/Glove/DIY Version -

I have a Brush Egg which I bought off of Amazon. It's basically a silicone egg with little knobbly silicone bits on it that help remove buildup off of your brushes when you run them under water. There's all sorts of similar things on the market; Soap & Glory do a mitt, Sigma do a mat that fits into your sink & I believe Real Techniques have released one too. On Instagram I've seen some DIY 'brush cleaning boards'. They create swirls, dots etc on a plastic board using a hot glue gun, let it dry and then use it the same way you would use any other brush cleaning mat. I find using my brush egg so much more effective in cleaning brushes than just swirling the brush in my hand which is what I used to do. And there's plenty of options that suit a variety of budgets too!

Oil -

I wash my brushes using baby shampoo, but I also like to add a drop or two of baby oil. I find that this helps break down all of the build up in my brushes quicker than just baby shampoo on it's own. Baby oil is just what I had to hand, people use olive oil, coconut oil etc too.

Warm water!!

Washing brushes using warm water rather than cold water makes a massive difference. I don't know why but warm water does magical things when it comes to cleaning brushes. Maybe it melts the makeup out? I dunno! I've found that the whole brush cleaning process is a lot quicker and much more pleasant when using warm water as your hands don't freeze off either..