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12 February 2017

Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit - Medium

 Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit - Medium |

Benefits's soft & natural brow kit contains all the products you need to achieve natural looking brows.  I picked this tin in particular as I like my brows to look natural, I'm also a bit of brow noob so having everything in one tin helps. The kit comes with shaping stencils which I personally don't find useful as I prefer to just fill in sparse areas rather than all that shaping malarkey. There's also a little pamphlet with covers what's in the box- useful if you're not familiar with Benefit's products!

Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit - Medium |

The contents: 

Ready, set, brow- this is a clear brow gel. Useful when it comes to setting the brows & keeping them in place. I really like this as it doesn't make my brow hairs look like they've got a gel on them. This is half the size of the full sized product.

Goof proof brow pencil- this is the brow 'pencil' in the shade medium. The formula is waterproof & the tip of the pencil is angled for precision. I love that it doesn't feel waxy and it's also easy to blend. There's also a really good spoolie on the other end of the pencil. This is a full sized product.

High brow pencil- this is a highlighter in pencil form. It's really easy to use as it's super blendable. My initial thoughts were that the high brow pencil would be hard and scratchy on the skin. It definitely isn't and is in-fact soft and pain free! This is also a full sized product.

Benefit Soft and Natural Brows Kit - Medium |

I think this is a great kit for anyone who's new to doing their brows & is looking for good products or just anyone who wants to achieve natural looking brows. Also, the kit is better value for money too! One of my favourite things about Benefit as a brand is they sell a lot miniatures which give you the opportunity to trial without splurging on the full sized product!

I'd say my favourite is the high brow highlighter. I just love how easy it is to blend and get a natural looking glow. I'm a big fan of natural make-up, don't know if you noticed aha 💁🏽