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5 December 2016

Mood Board Monday #18

Mood Board Monday #18 |
My Twitter feed right now is full of pumpkin spice lattes, pretty autumnal snaps and even Christmas gift guides! I find gift guides so handy as I'm such a last minute shopper and generally just struggle to think of cute gift ideas. I'll probably still be in Boots the day before Christmas eve buying gift sets...

Side note - I think Autumn & Winter are really photogenic seasons to be fair. Pretty pink & purple skies too, which are completely insta-worthy 😍.


I like to keep things quite minimal and natural looking on a daily basis as I work during the week, but I do love a pop of colour on the lips! With the colder weather my skin is always quite washed out and paler than usual. So I like to use a dewy foundation such as the Chanel vitalumiere satin or Mac's face and body foundation to brighten things up without having to use those wacky multi coloured concealers. Dewy foundations brighten up my complexion and also make my skin appear smoother whilst disguising bits of redness around my nose.


Colder weather = millions of layers. Here in England, weather is incredibly indecisive(kind of like me), one minute it's torrential rain, next minute there's a heat wave. Probably a slight exaggeration.

But having various layers does make it a whole lot easier to adjust accordingly. I love wearing oversized hoodies, they feel so much more cosier! I'm also really into those lace up flats at the moment, I love how the lace makes them look a lot more sophisticated & I can actually wear them out on occasions such as Birthdays etc and not have to worry about achy feet like you do with heels!