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20 August 2016

The Lying Game

The Lying Game |
The Lying Game is my all time favourite American drama series. It was the first series I ever watched  back in 2013 so it holds a little sentimental value as well as the fact that the series if freaking amazing!

TLG is based on books written by Sara Shepard, she's also behind PLL so you may have heard of her. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who is watching it or may potentially watch it but in a nutshell, TLG's plot focuses on identical twins, Emma & Sutton who were separated at birth. They find out about each others existence & plan to find their birth mother but then people get in the way etc. Sadly there's only 2 seasons but at least the books exist, right!?

I love the show because it's got some great acting going on, there's loads of drama & suspense too. I think it starts off a little slow, but after a few episodes in it really does pick up and you find out more about both of the twins lives and how differently they've been brought up.

There's some major style envy too. I absolutely love the dresses some of the girls wear to the parties, homecoming, balls etc. Sutton's closet is major goals too, I definitely need a walk in wardrobe!