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21 August 2014

Lip Recovery

Lip Recovery |
Lip Recovery |
Recently I have been suffering with chapped lips which is an unusual occurrence for me so I wasn't particularly prepared. That is if you can be prepared for chapped lips... I don't really know. 

I tried 3 products out, first up was my good ole' pocket size vaseline. I swear I've had this for like 5 years... It didn't soothe my chapped lips, just made them feel greasy- although I do like Vaseline on days my lips aren't feeling chapped!

Next on the line was a soap & glory 'lip moisture balm' I'll cut to the chase, this didn't work either. Although is does smell rather nice.

Then I was out of options, as I said I don't usually get chapped lips so it was just a bad case of unprepared-ness. After a little googling on decent brands I opted on one by Blistex from Boots.

Before I get carried away, this worked, hallelujah! It smells nice & it's fairly small, about Chapstick sized- so very compact. It checks all the boxes! It's not greasy or sticky, also it's in a twisty tube so no fingers and germ spreading!